Whistler Club Crawl- UBC Ski and Board Club Crawl!

| by Nick F

Hey Guys! What a start to the 2011/2012 winter season we have had! Thursday Club Crawls are back in full swing and we are loving it! Same party same venue back on twice a week!! We have a lot of new faces on the staff team and with those new faces they have  brought new twists to your evening, make sure you check out the staff profiles to see who your party hosts are!


Whistler Club Crawl was also stoked on having the UBC Ski and Board Club come along with us to really get this year off to a bang! With a 160 crazy riders on the crawl, things got a little bit crazy… check it out.


This guy was setting the pace for everyone else …



And the dance floor at Tommy Africas!





Merlins Bar & Grill

We started the crawl off at Merlins, a local spot for food drinks and of course apres! 160 party enthusiasts made there way into the bar to register and begin the epic night that was ahead of them! Once finished signing in, the Whistler Club Crawl staff were awaiting you to fill you in on the “rules” of the night!
” BUFFALO” haha!

Elephant & Castle

Once we were all signed in and ready to get this party on a roll, we got the group together and crawled over to the next venue!!  Elephant & Castle is an English pub with a wicked staff crew! We got the group in there where we met up with another group of crawlers and became a giant crew of 240 for a venue!! What a loud bunch!! With count downs and buffalos everywhere, it was time for me to get some games on the way! I came back with 6 pitchers of beer and it was time for us to have our competitive competition of FLIP  CUP !!! I don’t know what it is about a game involving a plastic cup that entertains humans so much, but I am guilty as charged, we had an epic game where winners stayed on to be crowned the flip cup champs!!! Beer pong and twisted twister were also going on at this venue keeping everyone well entertained!


Savage F@$!’n Beagle

When the games were over it was time to head to the first night club of the evening!! Savage Beagle has an awesome lounge upstairs and club downstairs. When the crawl got there , most of the crew headed straight downstairs to grab there drink and hit the dance floor! After not to long we set up a limbo competition to see how low the crowd could go. We were pretty amazed in the flexible group we had, seeing some of the lowest limbo’ers ever! Shot skis and Dancing were next on the list, and then… Off to the next bar!!!

Tommy Africas :D

Tommys was ready for the crawl! Music and bass were heard from a ways a way, and stepping into the club got everyone right in the mood for what was in store. With Drinks in hand, the Dance floor was packed!!! DJ Praize was killin it with some beats, and it was time for the Whistler Club Crawl dance competition!! It was heated from the beginning with break dancing, swing dancing… even some jazz contemporary style stuff! But it was the ladies who turned the heat up, going head to head in a battle voted by the crowd for the $50.00 cash prize thanks to Jeff Cockle and Tommy Africas! The Dance comp was followed by a pole dance show down which was also brought to the next level! Check out some of the shots!






It was time to set this wild bunch free!! Everyone was having such a good time it was hard to get you all to move to the final venue of the night! On we went to Garfinkels, Whistlers largest night club! Once in side and drink in hand it was time for the UBC Ski and Board Club to begin there night of shennaigans! Garfs was packed and at capacity by 11 pm and the night was gonna be a great one!!


It was awesome having all you guys out on the crawl!!! The Photos for the night will be up very Very soon and u can see them OR on our Facebook page

Crawls run all year long and we love to have you guys back !! You can book your tickets online or give me a call or email at :


Party on Guys!
One love

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