World Crawl Whistler goes to the most fun parties.  A – List clubs and Party-Rockin’ bars! It is all about fun and these great venues have been certified ‘the time of your life‘ fun! 

We go to some of the best clubs in downtown Whistler

We recommend that you check the itinerary on the day of your event. From time to time, venues may have special events added last-minute and we may have to change the line-up without much notice. We are committed to providing the best that Whistler has to offer!!


The starting time on this page is correct. Your tickets may read a different time and location, but the information below is updated daily.

Where We Go


Cinnamon Bear Bar & Grille

Hilton Hotel

8:00pm Kickoff

Garfinkel's Whistler


Maxx Fish


Tommy Africas