Welcome To Whistler!

| by Nick F

This is the time of the year again when you can totally feel the excitement in town. Everyone is talking about the same things all over again. “When is the mountain will open?” “Will they open earlier than planned?” “Did you say 42 cm of pow over the weekend?” “What is the freezing level now?” “Is El niño will be as bad as last year?” …

If you just moved in Whistler, I’m talking to you newbies 😉

You are about to spend the most intense winter season of your life! The mountain will (hopefully) treat you well and that is everyone’s priority but I want to focus on the Village excitement now. This town have so much to offer so many great restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs, special events and house pre parties lol! As a new seasonal you will get to know all of them and slowly experiment all of them. Watch your budget. You might have some saving now but trust me, saving goes fast in this town!

So be smart about it. Look up for deals! Lots of restaurant will have rest deals on off season and on week day. Look for happy hour and make youself some local connections! Yep, best way to survive in this town! A great way to fulfill all of this above will be to participate in the WHISTLER CLUB CRAWL!!!

Not only you will have the best time socializing with locals and visitoir from all over the country, you will get to see multiples bars and nightclubs in one night.

What we do is take out a guided group of people to 5 of our favorite venues, this includes all your cover charges line bypass it also includes some food and drinks along with some drink specials like 2 for 1’s etc. We play some party games so you really get to interact with everyone in the group!

What else can you ask for! Look up our schedule, get a buddy and get ???% off using the promo code “ ???”

There is one Club Crawl in this town, don’t be fool! Since 2009 we created the best parties! Let’s do this! Have a great season guys and keep it safe!!!

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