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Hi  My name is Nick and I’d like to welcome you to the Whistler Club Crawl. Thank you for purchasing a 3rd party voucher. I’m here to quickly explain to you how it works and how to move forward from here.

Voucher Code

If you have already purchased a voucher you’re going to receive a voucher code from your 3rd party retailer It’s usually a code that looks like this.

12345678 or SDFQLKFD

Enter that voucher code in the promotional code box. By doing that it’s going to reduce the price of the ticket down to $0. Then select your date, and check your email for your tickets. You’re good to go.

Haven’t Purchased a Voucher Yet?

If you are on this page and you haven’t purchased your Voucher yet, you can enter the promotional code VOUCHER39 and you can get the discounted ticket.

Now I’ll tell you a little bit about your night and what to expect.

About the Crawl

We’re a nightclub tour company. That means we work with almost all of the venues in town. We visit usually 2 bars and 2 nightclubs in a night. Sometimes 1 bar and 3 nightclubs. Sometimes 3 bars and 1 nightclubs, sometimes, 1 bar and 4 nightclubs, you get the idea. Your ticket includes all cover charges and usually a couple drinks.

Typically, we try to keep our tour walking distance, but not always. So that means, we don’t necessarily use a party bus. Although, we might, it really depends on the day and the venues that we’re going to. You can see our full lineup at and it will show you the times and places.

How To Start The Crawl

To start the crawl. Just meet us at the first location, which you can find on the Where We Go page. We will have a table setup near the entrance for check ins, and our staff usually have a lanyard that looks like this, and are wearing the color red.

If you’re going to be late, you can meet us at the next spot, but be aware, there is a latest check in time, and if you’re later than that time, you’re out of luck. Sorry.

No give me a moment to tell you a couple disclaimers.

  1. You must bring your valid government ID. US Drivers license, or international passport.
  2. You must stay with the crawl to get the benefits of the crawl. You can not show up at a venue we’re already inside of and expect to get in.
  3. If you’re too intoxicated or the security of the venue doesn’t let you in for whatever reason, sorry we can not help you.


Let me finish by saying, I’m very excited for you. The club crawl is a great way to have an amazing night in Whistler and it’s great value, especially at this discounted rate. You get from it what you put it in, so be positive and get pumped because you only live once.

Any questions? Email us at