Staff Profile – Adam Morphett

| by Nick F

Adam Morphett











Adam is a kid that has traveled 14 hours on a plane from Australia to be here, so he dosent waste time.
Weather its waiting in line for the first chair on a pow day or the walk from Tommy Africas
to Garfinkels he always will have some crazy idea or something to say that will either leave you in histerrics
or leave you thinking what the hell is this kid on.

“Ii was sitting back in Australia two years ago when I thought what the hell maybe its time to follow most
of the other Australians to Whistler Canada, So i packed my sh*t up and moved. Since being here I met the
Whistler Club Crawl Family, these guys are a bunch of nutters but thats why i fit in”

“OK, im going to admit it. its been bugging me for about 10 years bow and I need to get it off my chest… I let the dogs out”


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